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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  October 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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good morning. we're following a number developing stories but first bloods wrt. >> we're starting with a few showers, using max defender 8, we're focusing in on polk county and now extreme eastern portions of hillsboro county. a few showers working across the state. weighed few sprinkles this bartow, mulberry and if this holds together it will head to brandon, seffner and plant city
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issue. mild start, low to mi70s. 75 in tampa. 71 apollo beach and 70 in invenness. we'll keep a rain chance today. scattered clouds and again rain chances only around 20%. the coverage could be very minimal, thanks to drier air aloft. just a few spotty showers develop and pop up in the afternoon. it will be a warm afternoon as temperatures hit 87, that is above where we should be and we coming up, we break down the forecast hour by hour, also break down the forecast for all the college football games. coming up in a bit. two police involved shootings overnight. a san francisco police officer was shot and injured, the suspect taken into custody. in dallas a shootout left a suspect dead, officer injured.
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neighborhood shooting when someone fired at him. the suspect died at the hospital. the officer is expected to be ok. clearwater police are investigating a shooting. a man was taken to the hospital after being shot multiple times. it happened last night near the intersection of gulf-to-bay boulevard and highland avenue. we're told the victim's injuries are not life threatening. investigators are searching for a suspect. one person is dead in what is called a brandon shopping mall. the shooting happened 6:30 friday night on bloomingdale avenue. apparently the victim and shooter were stopped in traffic, a car in front of the other. the guy in the front car got out and exchanged words with the guy behind him. that guy then shot and killed him. multiple people watched as this unfolded. >> all of a sudden you hear pop, pop, pop. three or four quick shots,
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chaotic, everyone going nuts. people go out, help him. he's -- he was already gone by the time people went to help him. >> we're told the shooter pulled off the road and waited for deputy to arrive. no word now on if he will face any charges. in your vote -- more women are coming forward accusing donald trump of sexual assault. a former contestant on "the apprentice claims trump made uned her. summer zerbo said she was looking for a job after season five endeddened met with trump in new york. >> as i was about to leave he again kissed me on the lips. this made me feel nervous and embarrassed. >> she says she felt she had to come forward after hearing the tapes of trump's lewd comments from 2005. donald trump is campaigning in new hampshire and maine today.
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trail to deny the allegations. he's vowing to prove his innocence. friday he kicked off a rally in greensboro, north carolina by showing off members of his women for trump coalition. trump also responded to the claims she made by saying "i vaguely remember miss zerbos and to be clear i never met her at a hotel." president obama is tweeting the link to a web site aimed at stopping sexual assault. president obama tweeted it sign a pledge to fight sexual assault. at a campaign rally in cleveland he told clinton supporters that "democracy is on the ballot in this presidential election." this morning more revelations from hillary clinton's e-mails. they show that she didn't want her husband to pull out of a speech in front of wall street. bill clinton was set to speak just a few days after she planned to announce her presidency, according to e- mails her aides had to change her mind. they were concerned that the
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to wall street banks. clinton is taking time off from the campaign trail to prepare for wednesday's debate in las vegas. keith will be heading there next week for that final presidential debate. tune in to newschannel 8 for live coverage. with donald trump's polling numbers slipping could it cost republicans majority in the house and senate? alex schumann looks at how it could play out with local races. >> thank you! >> reporter: the coun trump but local races could have just as big of an impact. i wanted to be able to support my party's nominee. >> reporter: new hampshire republican senator kelly ayotte is among the senate republicans in a tough race. key contests in north carolina, pennsylvania, nevada and illinois will also play a part. >> friends don't let friends vote for trump. >> reporter: democrats need 30 seats to fake a majority in the -- take a majority in the house
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senate. paul ryan remind the republican voters john mccain lost by 7% in 2008 and house republicans lost more than 20 seats that year. >> i would like to take a break from the mud slinking on tv, >> reporter: that's accusations of sexual assault against trump along with the audio from a 2005 "access hollywood" outlooks. >> these vicious claims about me of inappropriate conduct with women are totally and absolutely false. >> reporter: an average of the polls show the democrats are likely to win back three seats this november which is not enough to attack back the take back the majority.
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bay area. walmart wellness day is taking mace today from noon to 4:00 p.m. customers can receive free blood pressure, glucose and vision screenings where available. along with products samples and information on health insurance options. licensed pharmacists also on hand to provide immunizations such as flu shots. new this morning -- a major effort to fight climate change. nations reached a deal to limit the use of monoxide. the agreement caps and reduces the use of greenhouse gases in a gradual process beginning in 2019. more than 100 developing countries including china will start to take action in 2024. good news for american touristses going to cuba. the obama administration is lifting the $100 lift of cigars
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carry home. this could raise hundreds of millions of dollars a year in new revenue for the cuban government. drug lord chapo could soon be extradited to the united states. it could happen in january or february of 2017. a lawyer saying a court could rule on his extradition around the end of the year but either side would then be able to appeal. just ahead -- heavy rain and winds hitting the northwest this typhoon effecting that area. you're looking live over
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across america this morning -- the pacific northwest is in for a second round of high wind and heavy rain this weekend. the remnants of a pacific typhoon. take a closer look at this road in portland. looks more like a river. heavy rain led to evening. police say many streets are flooded and drivers are stranded around the city. this as residents of one oregon community are cleaning up after two tornadoes touched down. 46 people were rescued. the tornadoes damaged 30 homes, you can see here uprooted trees, toppled telephone poles and damaged rooftops. shocking body cam video released by the chicago police department. look as a man allegedly high on
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slams a chicago police officer trying to handcuff him. the more than three hours of footage was released friday. superintendent eddie johnson says the officer who was attacked thought she was going to die. that officer remains hospitalized. look at this dramatic rescue caught on camera -- three men jumped into a pond to rescue a woman from her sinking suv. this happened in arlington, massachusetts, which is just northwest of boston. police say the 68-year-old driver was trying to ba into that pond. that driver is expected to be ok. to an 8 on your side alert -- starting today samsung galaxy note 7 smartphones are banned fromplains. that means you can't carry them on board or pack them in checked luggage. anyone caught trying to travel with them will have them taken away. they could also face fines. multiple fires have been reported including one on a southwest airlines flight.
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first airline to carry fireproof bags. they have been on board their planes since may long before this recall. the bags can withstand temperatures as high as 3,200 degrees. delta also plans to carry these bags. coming up -- the full forecast. also ahead, hurricane matthew now blamed for another death in the u.s. we'll have more after this. don't forget the 2016 heart walk is around raising $100,000 but we need your help. fuccilo kia will match every dollar give. go to for more
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i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts covered with cinnamon crumble and sweet cream cheese icing. try our new cinnamon pull-aparts for just 6 bucks. papa john's. blamed on hurricane matthew. in nichols, south carolina, a man drowned in his flooded home. he's the fifth person to die from hurricane matthew in that state. we're told the man refused to leave his home when rescuers warned him two rivers near the town were rising fast last weekend. flooding from the hurricane has killed at least 41 people in the united states and more than 500 in haiti. more aid is finally getting
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by the hurricane last week. food, clean water and construction materials are making their way in now. you can see residents watched as u.s. soldiers unloaded water bottles and wokses of food from a -- boxes of food from a helicopter. hurricane matthew introduced us to a deaf interpreter in south carolina who grabbed everyone's attention without uttering a word. jack shares his story. >> reporter: as hurricane matthew took palmetto state there are stood next to the governor. certified deaf interpreter jason hurdich of charleston communicating the crisis as only he could. >> she called me to come up for the press conference, because i'm deaf and can i accommodate to the deaf needs, the culture, the language and meet the needs best for the deaf community. >> i was a little nervousality first with all the cameras. >> reporter: working with an
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camera hearing interpreter -- his animated facial and hand gestures drew instant admiration from viewers including the governor. who said this after the storm passed. >> jason has become a rock star and so i want to personally thank you for all that you've done. >> honestly i'm just doing my job. the facial expressions is part of the american sign language grammar and just like with the spoken language you hear intonation and volume rising, you see the same features on my face. >> when you walk down the street do people say hey i know that guy? >> yes, it happened. but i didn't expect so many people coming up and hollering at me saying hey i saw you on
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this morning we are using max defender 8 because we've got some showers to start off this weekend here. we'll zoom in on the radar. we have a little activity, nothing heavy out there but it is enough to cause a little bit of an issue. just some spotty showers over highlands county. just north of lake placid, a few more north of avon park rolling into frostproof and polk county. a few more showers now rolling across the polk/hillsborough line and ba flipping into our 3d mode, these are low topped showers, again no thunderstorms with these. they are very low-top. that will be the trend as we go through today. these are going to be a few showers and that rain chance will actually continue as we go into the course of the afternoon as well. so looks like this for today -- 73 at 8:00. we'll see a few clouds again, that chance of a stray shower or two. that rain chance remains fairly slim for today at only 20%. and will warm up getting into
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75 now for tampa. 72 clearwater. 70 inverness and 70 in bartow. so a little bit of the mild and certainly muggy start. you can feel the increased humidity this morning. we still have the steady easterly flow. it will be a bit breezy at times today, east winds around 10 to 15 miles per hour. note the forecast model does paint in, again, just some of the spot showers as we go into the day. but i think we won't have enough instability to give us thunderstorms but that could better moisture and anything that forms tomorrow afternoon, well, could include a chance of a little bit of lightning with some of the showers, starting to pop up. as we go into monday drier air aloft returns back into the area. florida playing host to missouri later today. it will be a 30% storm chance in miami as the hurricanes play host to the tar heels. ucf and teple. slight chance of a shower there
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temple. and famu traveling to dover, delaware. should be cool for that game and florida state playing host to wake forest, 83 degrees, a warm day in tallahassee. and finally usf playing host to ucon n slight chance of a shower later on today. low 80s. we'll have drier air and rain chances to 10% by monday and tuesday. only to see the rain chances go right back up by the end of a bit of a roller coaster ride with the rain chances the next eight days. >> a little rain this morning but shaping up to be a nice day. >> could be a spotty shower through the day but don't let it cancel plans. just ahead -- braden river takes on the indians. high school football action
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good morning. week eight of the friday night blitz in the books. we had a good one last night paul including our game of the week, on paper, this one looked like, maybe the game of the year, braden river, number two in class 7a heading to vin is in to take on the -- venice to take on the fifth ranked indians. >> venice used to being on top,
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inside track on the district title. friday night blitz game of the week. braden river football conference coming to the game of the week matchup not losing in the regular season in 25 games. so can they slow down? or stop venice's high powered offense? i don't know. so to the highlights we go. in front of the standing room only crowd, this game was everything and more that it was cracked up to be. >> reporter: but first half they were exchanging pleasantries like this. and how do you do like this and mama said knock you out! whoo! like this. >> this is our house! this is our house! >> reporter: then in the second half, head ball coach curt ratley says i got something for you, let's run superman. and lewis calisimo knows what
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at 21-21. the indians averaging more than 50 point a game saying you can do we can do better. fire a cannon. touchdown tampa bay! then back come the pirates. to tie it up at 21-21 but the indians would go on to win it and stay undefeated at 6-0. teaching you to never sleep on a game. anthony allred sports. the blue devils trying to beat lakeland for the first time since 1992. end of the road by boyz2 men, number one song. tate from boy to man on that throw. henderson inside the tent. a few plays later, tate takes it himself to give the devils a 6-0 lead. shotgun snap, more like a bazooka snap. in the end zone jackson falls
6:27 am
13-0 winter haven. it was 20-0 in the second when lakeland finally stirs to life. aj davis, one of his three tferredz t.d.s on the night. 2-7 -- 23-7 winter haven at halftime. i had to leave unfortunately then to go to the station. >> what could possibly go wrong? >> this. lakeland scoring two quick touchdowns, then taking the lead on the first play. that's a 70-yard touchdown by james robinson. the streak stays alive. how about the battle for the trophy at plant city streamsy supremacy? treshawn ward. how does he do this? 6-3, all cougars after that. carlton potter to the back of the end zone!
6:28 am
meyers. 16-6 at that point. the raiders performed well on offense. just couldn't score touchdowns. cory king to the end zone there, running to the hands of christopher gaye and he's coming out for a good durant possession. durant wins 16-6. congratulations to them. >> also huge upset last night. >> manatee going down to riverview. the riverview rams winning. congratulations. that's a district game as well. so critical game. >> congratulations to our team of the we hillsborough terriers, new one crowned this thursday. keep it here on newschannel 8. could a vote for marijuana drive millennials to the polls? how this controversial issue could change the outcome of the
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rise and shine tampa bay. 6:31 on your saturday. live look at downtown tampa. good morning, i'm melissa marino. thank you so much for waking up with us. in our top stories this morning -- clearwater police are investigating a shooting. a man was taken to the hospital after being shot multiple times. it happened last night near the intersection of gulf-to-bay boulevard and highland avenue. we're told the victim's injuries are not life threatening. investigators are searching for
6:32 am
is being called a road rage confrontation near a busy brandon shopping mall. the shooting happened around 6:30 friday night on bloomingdale avenue. apparently the victim and shooter exchanged words while stopped in traffic. when the guy in the front car got out and the guy behind shot him and killed him. we're told the shooter waited for deputies to arrive, no word now if he will face charges. two police involved shootings overnight. in dallas a police-involved shooting left and officer injured. the officer is expected to be ok. in san francisco a police officer was shot and injured friday night. we have more stories but first a check of the weather. >> starting with a few light showers. if you're in parts of the polk county, now extreme eastern hillsborough county you may see a few drops if you're heading out early this morning. let's look at it here with max defender 8. we're tracking this initial line of showers that is
6:33 am
over portions of highlands and polk county now. some showers north of frostproof near highland park stretching to bartow, north of mulberry and again a few showers near brandon an seffner that we'll continue to watch. again not too big issue for us this morning. mostly cloudy skies and 75, it's a mild start. the today which is above average. rain chance, still pretty low at 20%. not expecting anything too heavy but tomorrow the rain chance comes up a little bit. could see thunder and lightning sunday afternoon. more on that rain chance and what you can expect, for a good preview to the next workweek coming up in a few minutes. a motorcycle rider dead after a crash in pinellas park. we're told that the bike
6:34 am
highway 19. a young girl riding in the car was rushed to the hospital with minor injuries. the driver that hit and killed a hillsborough high school student out of jail and defending himself. nicholas constantino walked out of jail friday morning after posting a $15,000 bond. he says the victim, 17-year-old ashley perdomo darted out in front of him on hillsborough avenue. he admitted he hit bu >> do you know you hit her? all i know is that something hit my car. that's what it appeared like to me. ok? >> why didn't you stop? >> because it took me like a couple of blocks to stop. when i stopped i didn't even realize what it was. all i knew was my window was getting cracked. >> when he filed an insurance claim to get his car fixed the agent notified authorities. happening today -- st. pete residents will get the chance to check out water treatment plants and see how
6:35 am
public pours. janet jones joins us live at the facility in st. pete. jana, there's a reason behind the event. >> reporter: those at the plant say this is completely educational and just want to give people and citizens of this area an up close look at day-to-day operations but this does come after a lot of people have many questions after wastewater did bay. public works administrators say the ground was saturated and leaks happened in the underground sewer pipes. because of that some partially treated waterfrontweight was released in to the bay. st. petersburg officials say it could take two years for the wastewater problems to be fixed. again, those in the treatment
6:36 am
house is because of the wastewater problems but those expected to attend we expect them to ask questions about the sewage problems. >> jana jones live in st. petersburg. thank you. in your vote donald trump will campaign new hampshire and maine today. hillary will not be stumping until her campaign in in florida all week. senator kaine has a voter registration event in miami and another tomorrow in palm beach county. republican vice presidential candidate mike pence is campaigning here in florida. he attended a rally in miami friday, governor pence will join senator marco rubio at a campaign dinner in tampa today. the victory dinner event brings together influential grassroots leaders from across the styte.
6:37 am
outcome of the election in their hands. jacob looks at whether marijuana on the ballot can drive millennials to the polls. >> >> reporter: normally you see this on a college campus or maybe at the dmv but this is a medical marijuana dispensary in las vegas. have you seen a lot of people registering to vote here? >> absolutely. >> reporter: with medical pot already leave in nevada the state's question 2, a law that would legalize recreational marijuana is on november. >> they want to be sure that question 2 passes. >> i'm going to donald trump to see if he's rump, right? that's one thing i know. >> first time registering? >> first time i feel it matters. >> reporter: according to pew, a majority of young voters from both parties support
6:38 am
green. all of this marijuana, everything around us, under the medical marijuana laws of nevada currently is completely legal. >> it's legal in the state of nevada. >> if recreational marijuana is legalized here in november, all this stuff could be sold to anybody under those rules too. >> hopefully. >> reporter: it's not just would be marijuana millionaires hoping voters come out. in a state where the presidential vote is neck hoping for a share of the weed vote. >> if you are voting for the legalization mesh are you going to vote for president? >> yes. >> who are you going for? >> gary johnson. my mother, when we have this consideration is adamant about the fact that i will be voting for hillary clinton. >> reporter: which candidate wins the weed vote and whether it makes a difference in nevada remains hazy until election day. florida will be voting on
6:39 am
medical marijuana was defeated by 2% in 2014. vacuuming up gasoline isn't the best idea and here's video proof. in brevard county a woman vacuumed up gas that spilled in her trunk when the machine exploded. luckily no one was hurt. make safe happen program is drill day in hopes you and your family will practice your fire escape plan. families can visit to learn more on how to make a home fire escape plan. data shows one in five parents practice escape plans at home and only 55% of parents say their children know to what do in the event of a fire at home. i have a plan, i have pets. it's important to have everything ready in case.
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and where to go after you -- if you have to evacuate the house and home. make sure the kids know that. beautiful pictures submitted to us yesterday. how about that. that is from indian rocks beach. another nice one from tony in lakeland. a couple of beautiful sunsets taken yesterday in tampa. send your photos as well. head to facebook or twitter at stormteam8. booking the holiday flights. i'm newschannel 8's gene ramirez and i'll show you why your final destination may not be your first stop. it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying.
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my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered.
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kicked out over a service dog. this morning a bradenton woman is furious over the way she was treated at a local fast food restaurant. newschannel 8's peter shows us why. >> reporter: when alicia griggs leaves her apartment you can bet her 1-year-old pomeranian named onyx is by her side. either traveling in this doggie purse or her arms. friday morning at this mcdonald's as alicia ordered a drink at the counter. >> they told me no pets. i said she's not a pet, she's a service dog. they asked me if i had paperwork for her i said yes. >> reporter: she retrieved this note from her car. at this point alicia says
6:44 am
paperwork basically wasn't good enough and they wanted to know what my disability was. >> reporter: alicia called the manatee sheriff's office, a deputy told her mcdonald's had to let her in. did >> did you go back? >> i did go back just to prove a point. >> reporter: alicia's dog we're told wasn't obviously a service dog. had nothing to show she was one calling this incident a misunderstanding. the company issued a statement. >> reporter: alicia isn't looking for money or food coupons. she got a phone call. >> honestly i would like a real apology from her. i kind of felt like it was owed to me. >> alicia is now considering getting a small dog tag to inform people that onex is in
6:45 am
you. the weekend is here and we're starting off on a little bit of a wet note for some communities this morning. here's max defender 8 scanning the skies. we are tracking a little bit of rain this morning. so taking a look at highlands and polk county. we've had the showers that have been working in from the east coast of florida throughout the night. so don't be surprised even if you're not seeing rain this morning, you may have had a little bit of rain overnight. so you'll see your car is a little bit wet this in park, not seeing much but there's a shower just to your east that is headed your way. also a few more showers there for highland park and lake wales. then a couple of showers starting to roll through hillsborough county, just light stuff near plant city heading towards seffner, brandon, riverview. actually just moved across i-75 heading out into bay. a few drops to deal with. overall a fairly quiet start.
6:46 am
numbers likely stay above average and again slightly higher rain chances for the weekend as compared to the last week. still nicole in the north atlantic but overall quieting down for us. 73 at 8:00. we'll see temperatures not feeling like fall today. the warm-up, 82 degrees with scattered clouds and stray shower. rain chance 20%. for the afternoon and maybe a bit breezy as well. 72 this morning for sebring, lakeland and clearwater. in inverness. overall fairly mild start. we got some showers but they are not expected to be that strong for today. the reason is this -- we got dry air aloft here, some sinking air aloft. that is going to prevent that vertical development of showers that we need here. so again just a few spotty showers. as we go through the afternoon here, mainly in the afternoon and evening. tomorrow, atmosphere starts to moisten up. i do think we'll see a few more
6:47 am
thunderstorms, by sunday afternoon. then more dry air starts to roll back in, in the upper levels by monday. that will help to bring the rain chances right back down. so there's the weekend, in greater detail, 87, again the showers will be quick moving, not going to have too much energy to them. high temperatures above average but then tomorrow, where we should be for this time of year. 85 degrees. that rain chance coming up to 30%. so they could play a role in the afternoon and mainly. just have the umbrella in case. 10% shot of rain for monday and tuesday. perhaps more moisture by the end of next week. not too bad, just keep an eye to the sky. >> looks pretty nice, just not seasonal. >> we should be 85 but it's been very warm last couple of days. >> em ben affleck is playing a different kind of hero. a look at his latest role and
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in his latest film ben affleck plays a different kind of hero. in "the to the to the uncooking the books for some of the scariest people on the planet >> reporter: a cpas ocd could make him doa in "the accountant." ben affleck plays the title character with some social issues but his beautiful mind makes him employee of the month and the cia wants to stop it. ratedded r. kevin hart is a high roller in "what now." the rock star comedian follows
6:52 am
this offering filmed in a 50,000-seat stadium in philadelphia. rated r. >> the wife works for you. >> who runs the world? girls and certain women. this indy film follows four women at odds with a male dominated society and it's going to take loads of patience and determination for them to define themselves, in the face of expectations. "certain women" in limit the release. >> you can use your energy different ways. >> "max steele." a teen discovers his body can generate energy resulting from experiments done by his missing father so when he teams up with a space robot babysitter they become a powerful force ready to take on inevitable evil. rated pg-13. a shark encounter a little too close for comfort. we'll show you the video that is going viral.
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a shark encounter too close for comfort is going viral. this video was shot off the coast of mexico. you can see a great white leap through the air trying to eat a piece of tuna. then breaks through the cage, a diver inside escaped through the bottom, later resurfacing unharmed once the sharp swam
6:56 am
you know, i'm not doing that for a while? >> not doing that again. >> i guess apparently he was able to go out from the bottom of the cage. i guess there's a failsafe. but to keep your composure in that, that is straight out of "jaws" there. scary stuff. >> the shark circling around, waiting until it finally goes away -- i would have been cling to the side of the cage. >> this had shark diving plans. that is not happening anymore. quick check of what you can call for temperatures to be in the mid-80s today. can't rule out a stray shower along the coast. otherwise scattered clouds. another note, still dealing with red tide issues southern pinellas, manatee, sarasota county beaches so you want to keep that in mind. we'll have a steady breeze out of the east. rain chances up to 830% tomorrow. could -- 30% tomorrow. could see isolated rumbles of thunder tomorrow afternoon. highs in the mid-80s, morning lows in the 70s.
6:57 am
this next week. just weeks before the general election republican presidential candidate donald trump is losing ground. coming up in our next half- hour, the new sexual accusations against trump and how the candidate is responding
6:58 am
6:59 am
that poor girl was raped we couldn't believe it. by two football players and their friends. we were sure they would go to jail. so, when i heard state attorney mark ober decided to go easy on them, i was scared -- scared for my daughter. none of those young men served a day behind bars. ober said losing a baseball scholarship was punishment enough. if mark ober can't protect our families,
7:00 am
good morning. i'm melissa marino. thank you so much for joining us on a saturday morning. we're following a were of developing story this is morning. first let's check on your forecast with ed -- >> a little bit of a wet start for some of us. we have been tracking very light showers. we'll take a look the skies all over the state of florida. it's all sliding from east to west. nothing too heavy out there. looking at a few drops falling near see bring and avon park. into polk county we go. highland park and lake walls, seeing a little more robust shower activity. a few more spotty showers from auburn dale back to mulberry. within the last few minutes, a little shower


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